Axis of Whiskey Review – Bourbon & Rye Blend

Producer: Stoll & Wolfe. Distillers: MGP and Finger Lakes Distillery.

ABV: 43%. Blend: 80% bourbon, 20% rye. Batch 1.

“Stoll & Wolfe Distillery was called Bomberger’s before Michter’s owner Chatham Imports sued them over the use of the name. (It’s complicated…see Fred Minnick’s excellent site for the blow-by-blow.) Stoll & Wolfe has made the best of a bad situation with a beautiful new identity by David Cole (he of that stunning Yellowstone brand, the Laphroaig 15, and many more–the pic above is his), and they’ve also released a very tasty sourced whiskey blend while they get their own distilling up and running.

Batches 1 and 2 are a blend of 80% 2.5-year old MGP-sourced bourbon and 20% Finger Lakes Distilling 2-year-old rye.

Too young to impress? No, sir–not in the hands of the legendary Dick Stoll. Stoll was the last master distiller of the old PA-based Michter’s, and maker of the fabled A.H. Hirsch Bourbon, a.k.a. “The Best Bourbon You’ll Never Taste.” Anything he puts his hand to deserves a close look.

Batch 1, which I tried, is bright, fresh, delicate, making the best of the youth with a lovely rye herbaciousness. Light honey and chamomile on the nose. The palate adds green stem and barrel-aged grappa notes, and there’s fresh apple on the finish. Refreshing

Batch 3, which substitutes Death’s Door rye for the Finger Lakes, was due in fall 2015, but has been delayed by forced rebranding and relabeling after the lawsuit. Hang in there, Stoll & Wolfe–we’re all looking forward to more.” – BO

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