4 of 5 Stars “For spending barely a year in a cask, Stoll & Wolfe Rye Whiskey punches well above its figurative weight in terms of maturity. While further aging may have given it more depth, it still covers the sweet and spicy characteristics of rye without straying too far in either direction…an easy drinker suitable for sipping and mixing.”

Nose: The first sniff hits the nose like a surprisingly earthy wave that’s heavy on rye and oak with notes of clove, ginger, and citrus giving it additional zest. That mellows down into a sweeter bouquet caramel, orange, and a hint of spices.

Palate: The first sip eases onto the tongue with a faint twinge of smoke and spices, specifically rye. That rye twinge grows stronger as it sits on the tongue – skewing the flavor a bit toward an earthy caramel with a bit of cinnamon – but never building to an overwhelming degree. Swallowing strips that flavor profile down to a bare, yet slightly sweet rye flavor with a slight tingle in front of the mouth. That’s followed by a subsequent wave of spiciness that develops in the back of the mouth and marches forward. That leaves a sweet caramel aftertaste in the mouth alongside a faint hum of spicy rye. FULL REVIEW stoll-wolferye

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