“The whiskey dances in the glass when held up to the light reflecting a sparkly copper-amber color. The nose is young with a distinct hint of fresh off the still sweetness, vanilla and oak. The mouth fell is warm and spicy with creamy soft butterscotch, vanilla, young oak flavors and coats my tongue with a light oily herbal essence. The finish is minty, with warm corn sweetness melded with hints of butterscotch, vanilla, oak spice in the back of the throat and a final touch of astringent dry after taste.

This is a great first step for a new rye whiskey, and the juice will only get better as it matures with the barrel influences to the distillate. I really enjoyed sampling this youthful juice. It is a good rye whiskey with non-traditional doses of butterscotch and vanilla. This is going to get very interesting in year 2, 4, 8, and beyond…”




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