Lancaster Pennsylvania Whiskey Past, Present and Future

Pre Prohibition Grain Ledger from Historic Bomberger’s Distillery. 
Photo by Jordan Bush from December 2018 Issue of Lancaster County Magazine

“Whether or not you’re a whiskey drinker, it’s difficult to imagine Lancaster’s countryside filled with rye fields and dotted with distilleries. Such a scenario existed during the 18th and early 19th centuries. According to an article read before the Lancaster County Historical Society in the 1920s, 183 distilleries had existed in Lancaster County in 1813. Twenty-seven years later, just ahead of the temperance movement and the Civil War, the county total fell to 102 distilleries (along with 135 grist mills and eight breweries).

A Perfect Recipe

What was the reason behind the proliferation of distilleries? A need grew out an abundance of rye grain harvested across the region’s farmlands. A surplus of rye could fall plague to ergot mold, a hallucinogenic, which some theorize spurred on the Salem Witch Trials. Rather than let crops go to waste, farmers could preserve their rye yield and turn it into a tradable commodity, a currency by the gallon or barrel.”

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Boehm Transitions to Beam

“If I may interject a bit of foreshadowing before we temporarily depart from the subject of Kentucky, it’s of note that many early frontier-bound settlers traveled through Pennsylvania. Jacob Boehm was one of them, emigrating from Germany in 1740 to what is now Berks County, which was once a part of Lancaster County. The Boehm family owned land purchased from William Penn in Willow Street, where the Boehm Chapel stands to this day. The family name later changed to one you may find more familiar, “Beam,” which we see today on thousands of bourbon bottles from Kentucky. In 1788, Jacob moved to Kentucky ahead of a legal revolution in the distilling community.”

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Thanksgiving Week Tasting Room Hours

Busy with Thanksgiving prep (and life) with no time to grab a bottle to grace your Thanksgiving table? Never fear. With expanded Tasting Room Hours, locations across the Keystone State, and an old fashioned can do attitude – you’re sure to score a bottle to make your table a little brighter.

Tasting Room Hours for Thanksgiving Week.
TUES: 11-6pm (Bottle Sales)
WED: 12-11pm
FRI: 4-11pm 
SAT: 2-11pm

To Purchase Bottles in Harrisburg, Hershey, Lancaster, Reading, York, Philadelphia click here. In Pittsburgh? Visit Pennsylvania Libations in The Strip for a full line of Stoll and Wolfe and Lititz Springs products. 

From Stoll and Wolfe Family to You and Yours – Happy Thanksgiving!

Pittsburgh: Cask Strength Edition

Pittsburgh, here we come. Headed back to our home away from home Pennsylvania Libations to debut our Cask Strength Bourbon and Cask Strength Rye Whiskey in the Steel City this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Both pair nicely with turkey and instantly make house guests & relatives more palatable.

Here’s What We’re Pouring:

Stoll & Wolfe Single Barrel Cask Strength Bourbon

Aged 5 Years. Unfiltered. Bottled at 116 Proof.

Stoll & Wolfe Single Barrel Cask Strength Rye Whiskey

Aged 2 Years. Unfiltered. Bottled at 106 Proof.

Stoll & Wolfe PA Libations Single Barrel Vol. 1

Aged 2 Years. Unfiltered. Bottled at 90 Proof.

Stoll & Wolfe Bourbon & Rye Whiskey Blend

80% Bourbon Aged 5 Years blended with 20% Rye Whiskey Aged 2 Years. 86 Proof.

Stoll & Wolfe Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey

Straight Rye Whiskey Aged 2 Years in 30 Gallon Barrels. Bottled at 90 Proof.

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Best Whiskey?

What’s Your “Favorite” and or “Best” Whiskey? And the Question We Wish We Were Asked More Often.

We often are asked, “What’s the Best Whiskey” and or “What’s Your Favorite?”

Best whiskey is fairly straightforward but usually not the answer they’re hoping to receive. In our opinion the best whiskey is the one you enjoy most. Everyone perceives tastes differently and what tastes great to me may be unenjoyable to you. That also goes for straight or on the rocks. Personal preference should dictate.

Favorite whiskey? That’s a tough one to answer only because of the many variables that go into the final decision. The location, time of day, and even the food (or lack thereof) all influences our answer.

The question we’d like to hear more any tell people even when they don’t ask – what makes a good whiskey? Since you asked. In our opinion, a good whiskey is one that has a pleasant synergy of beginning middle and end flavors. Much like any good creation, it’s better than the sum of its individual elements.


Stoll and Wolfe Now on PA Liquor Store Shelves in Harrisburg, Hershey, York, Lancaster and Greater Philadelphia.

Stoll & Wolfe Distillery Products on PA Liquor Store Shelves Just in time for Holiday Gatherings! 
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