Distilling Rosen Rye

Very honored to lay down more barrels of Rosen Rye Whiskey.

Why Rosen Rye? Dick Stoll used Rosen Rye during his time as Master Distiller at Historic Pennsylvania Michter’s. Ending a 50yr hiatus, we filled a 30 gallon barrel in 2019. This year we have two 53 gallon barrels and know Dick would be proud of the progress. Next year…stay tuned. Still hard to imagine it all started with 5ozs of seed. 

Read About Dick Stoll’s Return to Distilling Rosen Rye Here

Read More About Stoll and Wolfe’s Rosen Rye Journey Here

Thank you again to Laura Fields and Delaware Valley Fields Foundation’s Seed Spark Campaign and Mark Antle at PSU for your dedication to returning Rosen Rye to PA Whiskey.

One of the Newest Rosen Rye Barrels Ready for a Few Years Rest.

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