What Makes PA Barns So Unique

At the risk of oversharing, we’re barn geeks at Stoll and Wolfe. We’re thankful to craft whiskey surrounded by functional monuments to a local history of hard work, ingenuity, and community.

“…the “Pennsylvania barn” is the name given to a distinct architectural style of barn distinguished by two specific features. First, it possesses a “forebay” overhang, which shields the front stable wall while providing extra space on the barn’s second level. In addition, a Pennsylvania barn provides exterior banked access to its upper story, allowing farm equipment and harvested crops to be transported there…

…Oftentimes, a historic barn has been constructed using local resources that create a connection with the land: stone…lime…iron smelted in nearby furnaces and wood from surrounding forests. Similarly, barns are often emblems of community cooperation, such as neighbors gathering for a barn raising to help a farmer construct or rebuild his primary structure.”

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LancasterFarming: Barns as Bearers of History: What Makes Pennsylvania Barns So Unique?