Whiskey on the Rails at Strasburg Rail Road

Join Stoll and Wolfe on the historic Strasburg Rail Road for their latest event, Whiskey on the Rails. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a journey through Pennsylvania’s Amish Country while sampling whiskey selections paired with food Café 1832 in The Lee E. Brenner Dining Car — America’s oldest operating all-wood dining railcar. Price: $125 per… Continue reading Whiskey on the Rails at Strasburg Rail Road

Distilling Rosen Rye at George Washington’s Distillery

As fans of History, Distilling, and Rosen Rye; Stoll and Wolfe's very own Jim and Erik Wolfe were more than a little excited to join Head Miller and Distiller Steve Bashore and his dedicated team at the historic Mt. Vernon Distillery to help distill their inaugural batch of Rosen Rye Whiskey. Who goes on vacation… Continue reading Distilling Rosen Rye at George Washington’s Distillery

Planting Next Year’s Rosen Rye

With this year's Rosen Rye harvested, milled and soon-to-be-distilled, we turned our attention to next year's crop. Why are we planting with colder temperatures coming soon? Rye is planted in the Fall, spends Winter in the field, starts growing again in Spring, and is finally harvested near the end of Summer. https://videopress.com/v/Bw8pzcRp?resizeToParent=true&cover=true&playsinline=true&preloadContent=metadata The long growing… Continue reading Planting Next Year’s Rosen Rye

Whiskey Of Pennsylvania Is Something To Take Note Of

"We know that Kentucky is all that when it comes to bourbon, but when it comes to whiskey history in general, the Bluegrass State is an upstart whippersnapper compared to Pennsylvania. And while corn is bourbon’s bosom buddy, in Pennsylvania, you’ve got to talk rye. The Pennsylvania farmers of the 18th century, the Scots-Irish, the… Continue reading Whiskey Of Pennsylvania Is Something To Take Note Of

All About Rye

Thank you to Amanda Schuster for including Stoll and Wolfe in her recent "All About Rye" for Alcoholprofessor. Honored to be mentioned among such amazing company. It's an exciting time to be a producer of Craft Whiskey; reviving nearly extinct traditions while exploring the possibilities of the future. Here's an excerpt: Stoll & Wolfe is… Continue reading All About Rye