Visit Stoll and Wolfe in Lancaster County, PA and learn more about 250 years of local whiskey making traditions as we demystify the process of transforming grain into whiskey.

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We’ll discuss the equipment, techniques and science behind the journey of grain to glass. Learn more about how grains are cooked to convert starch to fermentable sugar, discover the amazing power of yeast and their role in converting sugar to alcohol and finally walk through our process of column and pot still distillation.

After the tour we’ll utilize your newfound knowledge to better understand the art and science of tasting whiskey. While sampling 3 (.5oz) pours you’ll learn more about the process of nosing, tasting and evaluating the spirit in your glass to gain a heightened appreciation for the style and character of American Whiskey.

Tours are available on Saturdays at 2pm and last approximately 1hr. Tickets: $15. Must be 21+ to participate in tasting. Click here for tickets.