Stoll & Wolfe Single Barrel Series

To celebrate our upcoming 1 Year Anniversary - we're announcing the impending start of our Stoll & Wolfe Single Barrel Series featuring both Bourbon & Rye Whiskeys released at varying proof, including Cask Strength releases. Selected from our aging stock by legendary PA Master Distiller Dick Stoll, each barrel conveys distinctive aromas & flavors with every… Continue reading Stoll & Wolfe Single Barrel Series

Axis of Whiskey Review – Bourbon & Rye Blend

Producer: Stoll & Wolfe. Distillers: MGP and Finger Lakes Distillery. ABV: 43%. Blend: 80% bourbon, 20% rye. Batch 1. "Stoll & Wolfe Distillery was called Bomberger’s before Michter’s owner Chatham Imports sued them over the use of the name. (It’s complicated…see Fred Minnick’s excellent site for the blow-by-blow.) Stoll & Wolfe has made the best of… Continue reading Axis of Whiskey Review – Bourbon & Rye Blend